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road tripping on a budget

Before my husband and I got married in 2016, we decided we wanted to spend our honeymoon traveling. So, we set out to spend 30 days in a car with each other - talk about baptizing by fire, right? Our month-long road trip up the East Coast was one of the most wonderful and memorable trips of my life. We learned even more about each other and

We made a lot of stops (some of which I'll share here!) and, to make it even better, we didn't spend a ton of money while on our trip! Below I'll share our tips on traveling and how to stay on budget.

1. Plan your route

  • We used the Roadtrippers app to map out our route. The app provided us with things to see and do along our course. We changed our route every so often, but this gave us a general idea of what to do in the places we were headed.

2. Book hotels the night of

  • This might be hard for those of you who like to plan out your whole week, but it can save you a lot! We wanted to keep our trip pretty flexible, so this tip worked really well for us. Once we knew what city we would be staying in that night, we would book our room. We used apps such as, Hotel Tonight, and Priceline to find the best price.

3. Pet sit for a few days

  • This is perfect for you pet lovers! We used to find a pet/house sitting job in exchange for free lodging! A membership costs $119.00/year so just one stay per year will cost you less than one night at a hotel! Jobs can range from a few nights to a few months. This form of lodging takes a little more planning, but new job requests pop up all the time. We planned our stay to watch two dogs (in a gorgeous, three story home btw!) only two days out. We FaceTimed the owners and were accepted for the job. We arrived at their house later in the evening and they gave us a tour, introduced us to the dogs, and then the next morning they left for their trip. A whole week of lodging for free!

4. Couch surf

  • Couch surfing is a great way to travel for cheap. We were lucky to have a few friends and family members that lived along our route, so we were able to stay and visit with them! But if you don't know anyone in town, there are great resources like to find a couch or bed to crash on!

5. Go camping

  • We found a camping ground that had an enclosed lean-to we could rent for the night. It was cheap and we had packed a sleeping bag for occasions like this! We didn't pack a tent, but you definitely could to save even more money.

6. Cheap Airbnbs

  • While staying in Charleston, we found an Airbnb listing that was a renovated school bus. It was the cutest little place and was only $72.00 a night. I'd much rather pay to spend the night in a unique place like that one than a regular hotel! This kind of lodging always make our trips a little more adventurous and a lot more memorable.

7. Free free free free (Turbo Tax commercial lol)

  • Between Google and the Roadtrippers app, we were able to find a lot of things to do for free! We walked the different cities, relaxed in parks and gardens, studied historical sites, trekked sand dunes and trails, and just enjoyed our time together!

That trip will be one we will never forget! Here is a list of most of the cities we visited and things we did!

Savanah, GA - Forsyth Park, shopped along the river

Hilton Head, SC - Spent a day at the Beach

Charleston, SC - Explored the city, Angel Oak Tree

Myrle Beach, SC - Boardwalk, stayed with friends

Outer Banks, NC - Sand dunes at Jockey's Ridge State Park

Fair Fax, VA - Great Falls

Randolph, NJ - Stayed with friends

New York, NY - Central Park, The High Line, took a bus tour to get from one end of the city to the other

Mystic, CT - Mystic Seaport

Richmond, VA - Maymont Mansion and Gardens, took a break from traveling everyday and pet sat for a week using

Roseland, VA - Lookout Mountain

Natural Bridge, VA - Natural Bridge State Park

Centreville, VA - Foamhenge

Spruce Pine, NC - Stayed with family and visited where Anthony's family vacationed when he was growing up

Wilmington, NC - New Hanover County Arboretum

Asheville, NC - Explored the city, ate at all the yummy spots, live music

Atlanta, GA - Georgia Aquarium

And here are some of our many selfies lol. We used snapchat to document each place that we went and created one big, long story with all of our travels to look back on in the future!




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