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patio renovation

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

It's finally coming together! We have spent a lot of time thinking about upgrading this space and seeing it come together is so amazing!

We started the design process from the ground up. Floors were the first on our list. I partnered with Floor and Decor and after much deliberation (I'm veryyyy indecisive lol) chose their Adessi Candler Gray Matte Porcelain Tile and I'm so glad I did! The color is perfect because it doesn't show dirt and shoe marks very much and with this being an outdoor patio it HAD to disguise the dirt.

We went with a dark grey grout 1. to hide dirt (this clearly was very important to us lol) and 2. because I wanted the hexagon shape to be accentuated!

The next thing we did was spruce up this little corner! I wanted this corner to be a space where I could display some of my plants while keeping them out of Miah's reach. But I also wanted it to be a functional space so we went with the SVANÖ from IKEA! It has bars across the top so you could hang plants if you wanted but I just cut a piece of wood to lay across the top so I could set some pots up there!

The pathos is probably my favorite plant of all time. It's responsive, viney, and most importantly realllyyy hard to kill lol. It's also very easy to propagate! The far left pot was all propagated from the far right one!

The KROKHOLMEN coffee table that we paired with the arbor was also from IKEA. It's simple, super lightweight, and a "mesh" top to allow for any water to pass through!

On the opposite side of our patio is our main seating area. It took me a whileeee to find a sectional I loved. But I finally came across this one from World Market! I had searched high and low but just couldn't commit to anything that wasn't an easy return (I usually have to see things in the actual space before I can make up my mind). Thankfully my local World Market had all the pieces in stock so I could go and pick it up and return it if I needed to!

Here's what the space looked like before and during the process!



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